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Developer's Center

The swApps Project is hosted at SourceForge. Please look there for information on CVS access, mailing lists, statistics, and the like.

(((info on CVS modules will be in downloads page)))

Standards and Portability

The coding style for indentation and brackets is K&R; see the Linux Kernel coding style and the Ten Commandments for details. In particular, indentation must use tabs instead of spaces, as God and DMR intended.

Furthermore, all swApp code should aim to comply with Mozilla's C++ Portability Guide (or this local copy). Note that the portability guide uses a small indentation so that the examples will fit even on a narrow screen; don't confuse a layout chosen for clarity of exposition with a recomendation for an approved style.

The style for Java programming has yet to be determined.

CVS Updates

There are two ways to make changes to the CVS repository.

The first is to submit a patch to the Bug Tracker. The patch will be reviewed by one of the developers for inclusion into the repository. This is the way to get started as a developer.

The second is to get CVS write capability. If you submit enough good patches, or if you decide to write an application of your own, we can give you the ability to write directly to the repository.

New Applications

If you want to write an application under the swApp umbrella, please contact us.

Performance Analysis

All too often, performance analysis is left to the very end. Although it's true that it's possible to make major improvements late in the development cycle by focusing on a few "hot spots", it's better if bad performance is identified early, before the design considerations that cause it can be cast in concrete.

So what we'd like is for some of the testers to build profiled versions and report on the performance. If you can also identify the offending code, so much the better. If you can suggest a fix, better yet. If you're interested in this, please contact us.

Java Ports to non-UNIX-like Platforms

The SourceForge Compile Farm offers a way to build Java-based apps on OS X and some other UNIX-like systems. The intrinsic cross-platform capability of Java means that these apps will run in most environments. However, building Java-based apps for a Mac Classic. and other platforms with specific needs, is currently beyond us. If you have such a platform and you'd like to try building the apps, please let us know how it goes.

wxGTK Port for non-Linux Platforms

The SourceForge Compile Farm offers a way to build the swApps on a number of UNIX-like platforms. However, there are platforms not covered. If you have a UNIX-like platform that's not covered and you'd like to try building the swApps, please let us know how it goes.

wxMotif Port

If you're willing to try building the swApps on a platform where wxMotif is available, please get in touch with us. There are some platforms that can't build wxGTK (presumably because they don't have GTK) but will build wxMotif, so we'd like to be sure the applications will work on those platforms.

wxMac Port

Our potential user population has a large segment running older Macintoshes, so a wxMac port is high on our list of desires. Unfortunately, we have no Macintosh developers on board, so we need someone to port the swApps to wxMac.

If you are a Macintosh developer and are interested in working on a port to the Macintosh, please contact us; we'll be very happy to hear from you.

wxMSW Port

Perish the thought, but a large segment of our potential user population runs some flavor of Windows. At the moment, we don't have any Windows developers, so we need someone to port the swApps to wxMSW.

If you are a Windows developer and are interested in working on a port, please get in touch.

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