unusedLocal				 unused local variable (never read)
	unusedPrivate			 unused private member declaration
	staticReceiver			 non-static reference to static member 		  (default)
	noEffectAssign			 assignment without effect 					  (default)
	syntheticAccess			 synthetic access for innerclass
	interfaceNonInherited	 interface non-inherited method compatibility (default)
	noImplicitStringConversion char[] in String concat					  (default)
	tasks(|...|) tasks identified by tags inside comments
-deprecation		equivalent to '-warn:deprecation' (default)
-g[:]		debug attributes level (default '-g:lines,source')
	-g				all debug info ('-g:lines,vars,source')
	-g:none			no debug info
	-g:[lines,vars,source]	selective debug info
-preserveAllLocals	preserve unused local vars for debug purpose (default is optimize out)
-noImportError		no errors for unresolved imports (default is error)
-encoding 		specify a different default source encoding format (custom encoding can be specified on
					a per file basis by adding suffix '[]' to file/folder names
-log 		specify a log file
-proceedOnError		keep compiling when error, dumping class files with problem methods (default is off)
-verbose			print accessed/processed compilation units
-referenceInfo		compute reference info
-progress			show progress (only in -log mode)
-time				display speed information 
-noExit				do not call System.exit(n) at end of compilation (n=0 if no error)
-repeat 			repeat compilation process  times (perf analysis)

directory does not exist: -sourcepath
make: *** [org/signwriting/SignWriter.class] Error 255