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The swApps project has a number of support channels. They are described below in more detail.


(Update: the FAQ-O-Matic has been disabled as the Wiki technology is now preferred. Look for a Wiki to debut soon.) Have a look at the FAQ-O-Matic which should answer most questions. If your question isn't in there and you get an answer, you can add it to the FAQ-O-Matic so that others can find the answer later.

Mailing Lists

There are mailing lists to which you can subscribe for updates about new releases, etc. You can contact the developers via a mailing list or exchange information with other users. Please see the SignWriting Mailing Lists at SourceForge for details.

Bug Tracker

You can check our automated Bug Tracker to see if your problem has been reported by others. If you find it here, it may also give you an estimated time for when it will be fixed.

Also, if you think you've found a bug or other problem (or if you simply have a suggestion for future improvement), this is the place to tell us.

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